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Four-Year National ROTC Scholarship

This scholarship is for current high school juniors/seniors planning on attending a four-year university. You could receive a full 4-year scholarship or a 3-year Advanced Designee scholarship to the college of your choice. If you don't receive the national scholarship, you can still sign up for MIS 101 your freshman year and compete for a campus-based scholarship. Find out more by going to our section on High School Students. More information about the Four-Year National ROTC Scholarship can be found here.

Campus Based Scholarships

Already a student at ASU? We currently award 4-year, 3.5-year, 3-year Advanced Designee, 3-year, 2.5-year, 2-year CIET, 2-year Advanced Designee, 2-year, or 2-year graduate degree scholarships for masters students. Start off by signing up for one of our basic classes like MIS 101, then come speak to our enrollment officer to get the ball rolling on applying for a scholarship. We have specific scholarships reserved for the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), nursing, and DOD critical language majors. Find out more by going to our section on College Students.

National Guard/Reserve Scholarship Opportunities

Already enlisted in the National Guard or the Army Reserve? Through the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) you can do Army ROTC at the same time and commission as a 2nd lieutenant. Find out more by going to our section on National Guard/Reserve Students.

Active Duty Scholarship Opportunities

The Army Green to Gold Program is designed to offer active duty enlisted soldiers the opportunity to earn a commission as Army Officers. The Green to Gold Scholarship Program consists of 4-year, 3-year and 2- year scholarships. Applications are received at the national level but you must be accepted to ASU first. More information can be found here.