4 - 7 April 2024

Spring '24 Joint Field Training Exercise

Sun Devil cadets will take part in a series of maneuvers where they will put to practice what they have previously learned during the semester and labs such as Land Navigation, tactical combat casualty care and troop leading procedures. 

Shaping the leaders of tomorrow

Army ROTC is the Nation's largest commissioning source which produces more than 5,300 Second Lieutenants a year, or approximately 75% of all officers entering the Army annually. The Senior ROTC program is available in all 50 states and 4 U.S. territories on more than 950 college campuses.

Newly commissioned second lieutenants have responsibilities that far exceed those of most recent college graduates. They routinely shoulder responsibility for training, inspiring and leading more than 30 Soldiers in demanding environments in the U.S. and around the world.

Outstanding students

There are more than 32,000 high-performing students in Senior ROTC nationwide: More than 30% major in STEM fields and nearly 1000 are NCAA collegiate athletes. 

ASU Army ROTC has a student success manager to develop and implement innovative success strategies designed to enhance the academic persistence, progression and degree completion. ASU Army ROTC cadets maintain a 3.47 average GPA with 95% graduation rate.

ASU Army ROTC offers the flexibility for cadets to choose the major that better fit their needs / strengths.  They can study from the 350 + plus degrees offered at ASU and become an Army Officer on Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard.

The rewards of selfless service to our nation

Besides the honor of serving your country, a career in the military brings a sense of fulfilment while you help, serve and protect others.

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Nationwide, the Army ROTC program provides more college scholarships than any other program in America, with merit-based benefits going to more than 17,000 students every year. The total amount of scholarship benefits is annually over $320 million.

Special paths are available for members of the Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves, and they may seek full-time, Active Duty commissions or positions guaranteed to remain in the reserve forces to stay in their community to pursue other career and locally-focused goals.

All our scholarships pay for either full tuition and fees or room and board at the Cadet’s choice.

2024 Sun Devil Battalion events

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Spring '24 Army ROTC Commissioning Ceremony

On Spring 2024, Sun Devil Cadets will take the Oath into the United State Army and will commission a 2nd Lieutenants. 

Founded in 1935, ASU’s Sun Devil Battalion is one of the oldest Army ROTC programs in the nation. The Sun Devil Battalion ranks in the top 10 institutions across the U.S. and commissions on average 50 Second Lieutenants for Army service in Active Duty Reserve, and National Guard components each year.

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Cadet Summer Training (CST) 2024

Cadet Summer Training (CST) is the single largest training event in the Army. Cadet Command trains more than 8,000 Cadets in 100 days at Fort Knox, Kentukcy.

CST cadre from across the Army bring their specialized expertise to train,  teach, coach and mentor the young men and women attending camp. While  designed to introduce cadets to the Army Profession, the training focuses on developing leadership skills and building the foundation of a future office.

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New Cadet Orientation Fall Semester '24

During a period of two days, freshmen Sun Devil Cadets will be introduced to what they can expect while being a part of the Sun Devil Battalion at ASU.

The schedule includes ASU dorms early move-in, parent briefing, uniform fitting, Army combat fitness test familiarization, introduction to tactical athlete program and team building event among others.